What we do in the arts and why

Broome County Arts Council  (BCAC) is an independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated in 1987, with a mission to “promote a thriving arts community, essential to the quality of life in Broome County. We strive to advance the arts through advocacy, fundraising, grant making, programs and services.” BCAC develops resources for the arts in Broome County, encourages and facilitates collaborations, partnerships, and communication that strengthen the arts and demonstrate their powerful impact on economic development and quality of life in Greater Binghamton and Broome. Read more about BCAC and the dynamic arts community that we serve at http://www.broomearts.org/about-bcac/

Heart  of  the Arts Awards
Created by the Broome County Arts Council in 2004, the HOTA program honors individuals who have made recent and long-term contributions to the arts in Broome County. Recognition is determined by public nominations and decided by the ballot vote of the BCAC Board of Directors (HOTA Lifetime Achievement Award) and by the ballot votes of BCAC’s 118 member organizations, arts businesses, and individual artists (Heart of the Arts Awards).  These prestigious awards recognize excellence in all artistic disciplines by individuals whose contributions as artists, musicians, performers, producers, administrators, teachers, technicians, and volunteers make Greater Binghamton and Broome County a vibrant place to live, work, visit, and invest. Read about the diverse and talented group of past “HOTA” recipients at http://www.broomearts.org/heart-of-the-arts-awards .

The $10K Challenge
This year, the Heart of the Arts Awards is not only a celebration of individuals and community, but an opportunity to help BCAC meet a challenge from a generous donor to raise $10,000 from new donors for the 2015 United Cultural Fund (UCF) Campaign.  That’s our $10K Challenge for the UCF Campaign 2015, which begins this Fall.

The United Cultural Fund
The UCF is a combined campaign for the arts for Broome County, supported by local foundation grants, Broome County government appropriations and charitable donations from businesses, corporations, and individuals. UCF investors value the role of a strong arts and culture environment in quality of life, tourism, business investment, and economic development.   BCAC has administered the UCF since 1987, running an annual fundraising campaign which last year awarded more than $233,000 in competitive grants.  UCF grant recipients collectively account for more than 1,000 jobs, return  over 4 million dollars annually to the Broome County economy and generate thousands of dollars in additional business for local restaurants, shops, and retailers.  UCF-funded entities are among the most productive, non-profit businesses in the region, attracting, educating, and entertaining, nearly 150,000 residents and visitors of all ages every year. Read about this year’s UCF grants recipients  at http://www.broomearts.org/united-cultural-fund/.

The UCF is a unique resource.  Statewide there are only 7 such programs and five of them are in metro New York City.  Regionally, the UCF is the only program of its kind.   Nationally, Broome County is one of about 63 communities with  an active combined campaign for the arts like the UCF.  Since 1987, the UCF has raised and distributed more than $8 million to recipients throughout Greater Binghamton and Broome County.  Read about this year’s UCF investors and help BCAC meet the $10K Challenge for 2015 at http://www.broomearts.org/donors/