United Cultural Fund

The United Cultural Fund (UCF) is a program of the Broome County Arts Council (BCAC) in Binghamton, New York.  Established in 1987, the UCF is a locally-funded combined campaign for the arts in Broome County. The annual campaign is supported by Broome County government appropriations, local foundation grants —  including Hoyt, Decker, Gaffney and M & T Charitable Foundation — and charitable donations from businesses, corporations and individuals.

Grants funded by the UCF Campaign provide general operating support and project grants to non-profit arts organizations, community non-profits and individual artists in Broome County.

On average, the UCF Campaign raises over $200,000 and distributes 85% as grants.  The remaining 15% is an administrative fee to BCAC, which raises the rest of its operating budget from other sources.

The UCF is a unique resource. According to the national arts advocacy group Americans for the Arts in Washington , D.C. , Broome County is one of only 7 communities in all of New York State with an active combined campaign for the arts.

Since 1987, BCAC has distributed more than $9.5 million in UCF grants in Broome County.

Mission & Purpose of the United Cultural Fund:

  1. To maintain and strengthen the cultural life and resources of Broome County through the provision of unrestricted general operating support funds to established nonprofit arts organizations and project grant funds to individual artists and other community based nonprofit organizations in Broome County, New York;
  2. To provide an effective, centralized mechanism by which major donors — including governments, foundations, businesses and individuals — can contribute to the arts in Broome County;
  3. To encourage growth in the arts community, including the development of new artists, arts programs and organizations;
  4. To promote growth in arts support;
  5. To facilitate cooperation among arts organizations and arts-related collaborations with other interest groups in the community.

Objectives of United Cultural Fund grants

  1. To encourage innovation in the arts and arts activities that are beneficial to the community;
  2. To provide support to those arts organizations that have demonstrated value to the community, quality programming and sound management that is consistent with eligibility criteria;
  3. To enhance the accessibility of the arts and arts activities to a broad and diverse audience;
  4. To serve or benefit Broome County and its residents;
  5. To expand the public impact of the arts in Broome County;
  6. To promote variety in the arts and arts activities;
  7. To enhance the quality of the arts, arts activities and arts appreciation;
  8. To encourage growth in the arts and arts activities, consistent with financial  responsibility and appropriate oversight;
  9. To require arts organizations and individual artists to pursue and develop  broad-based financial support aside from the UCF.

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