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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri

A capable ensemble cast of eight occupies the Watters Theatre stage for the Binghamton University Theatre department’s production of A Lie of the Mind.

Sam Shepard's three-act psychological drama provides a great vehicle for the acting talents of its cast, and it has more laughs than I expected for a story of two seriously damaged families.

Thinking that he’s killed his young, beautiful wife, Beth, Jake is driven to a kind...

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By George Basler With a title like The Motherf**ker with the Hat, audiences can probably guess they’re in for a brash, in-your-face evening. And the play, now being given an excellent production by Binghamton University’s Theater Department, is certainly that. But mixed in with the profanity and raw subject matter is a compelling story of flawed people stumbling through life as they cope with their inner demons. Performed in the intimate space of Studio A in the Fine Arts Building, the BU production is shockingly funny at some...
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