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Reviewed by Therese Bohn What makes a good woman? That is the question that pervades Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan, which opened last Friday (April 28) at Binghamton University. The parlor comedy, which is grandly being presented by BU’s theater department, revels in blurring the lines between what is considered a good or bad woman in high society, with many pokes at class distinction and what are deemed proper attitudes between men and women both in and out of marriage. Lady Margaret Windermere is certainly a good woman: devoted wife, loving mother and the budding doyenne of...
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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri

A capable ensemble cast of eight occupies the Watters Theatre stage for the Binghamton University Theatre department’s production of A Lie of the Mind.

Sam Shepard's three-act psychological drama provides a great vehicle for the acting talents of its cast, and it has more laughs than I expected for a story of two seriously damaged families.

Thinking that he’s killed his young, beautiful wife, Beth, Jake is driven to a kind...

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Reviewed by Patrick Hao Last October, fans mourned the death of Brian Friel, a playwright hailed as the “Irish Chekov.” To honor his memory, Binghamton University’s main stage opening show for this school semester is Dancing at Lughnasa, Friel’s personal examination of five Irish women dealing with the sadness of poverty and uncertainty and finding joy with each other. The play is related from the point of view of Michael Evans (played by Jeff Tagliaferro), a surrogate for Friel, and told entirely through flashback, like a memory....
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