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My Thanksgiving weekend (not spent locally) was full of food, family and home viewing of 2016 movies that I missed in both first and second run (Loving, A United Kingdom). But what about you? Did you attend (or perform in) a concert or play? Did you visit a museum? Did you paint a picture? How were the arts part of your Thanksgiving weekend?

-- Barb Van Atta

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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri Is there a more beautiful sound than the harmonies of a professional choir singing sacred songs for Christmas? What if they are accompanied by Paul Sweeny on guitar, Barbara Kauffman on recorders, Peter Browne on the organ, and directed by Bruce Borton? Having just heard the first of two performances of “Lessons & Carols for Christmas, East to West,” as sung by the Madrigal Choir of Binghamton, I think the answer has to be “no.” If you’ve never been to a Lessons and Carols service...
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