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Reviewed by Therese Bohn What makes a good woman? That is the question that pervades Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan, which opened last Friday (April 28) at Binghamton University. The parlor comedy, which is grandly being presented by BU’s theater department, revels in blurring the lines between what is considered a good or bad woman in high society, with many pokes at class distinction and what are deemed proper attitudes between men and women both in and out of marriage. Lady Margaret Windermere is certainly a good woman: devoted wife, loving mother and the budding doyenne of...
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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri

There’s a reason why The Importance of Being Earnest endures. Oscar Wilde’s 1895 farce about Victorian manners and polite society is funny – and so is the production that opened Thursday (Jan. 26) at the Cider Mill Playhouse in Endicott.

The actors use believable accents, and the physicality, facial expressions, blocking, pregnant pauses and character business, under the direction of Tom Kremer, all work to keep up the play’s engaging and entertaining...
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