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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri

Holy Week approaches on the Christian calendar, and with it comes the waving of palms, the washing of feet, penance, hot cross buns, the Cadbury bunny and (holy moly!) the 47-year-old rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, Jesus Christ Superstar.

Directed by Patrick Foti, the Endicott Performing Arts Center's production goes as large-scale as a show can on the cozy stage...

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Reviewed by George Basler Hold on to your hats: a human tornado in the form of Mama Rose is anchoring an outstanding new production of Gypsy by the Endicott Performing Arts Center Repertory Company. Mama Rose is the centerpiece of the show, and Terri-Jo Ramia gives a blistering performance as the classic stage mother who plays out her own frustrated dreams of fame through the lives of her two children. The rest of the cast is equally good, from the leads to the supporting players to those filling smaller...
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Reviewed by George Basler In the 37 years since it was first staged, Sweeney Todd has become one of Stephen Sondheim’s most produced musicals. It’s also one of the darkest musicals ever to grace the Broadway stage. Hearts and flowers aren’t on display here. Instead, hatred, lust and depravity take center stage in the penny-dreadful tale of bloody revenge in Victorian London. The musical requires the cast to convey the right tone and also perform a difficult score with complex lyrical passages, atonal melodies and counterpoint. So it...
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