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Reviewed by Lee Shepherd The Summer Savoyards' The Sorcerer created magic last night (Friday, July 14)  in the Anderson Center Chamber Hall at Binghamton University. One of Gilbert & Sullivan's lesser-known comic operas, presented here as a "staged concert," didn't skimp on much. It featured the full-length score and script, but minimal sets and costumes. The show is full of humor and pathos, timely social commentary, beautiful soaring voices and the spirited acting for which the company is known. Read more

Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri

Is it just a coincidence that, in the turbulent fall of 2015, SUNY Broome Theater has produced a pair of plays under the heading Alien Invasions that focus on the importance of not letting paranoia and mob mentality rule the day? Maybe. But even if the timeliness of Gore Vidal’s Visit To a Small Planet and Rod Serling’s The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street was not planned, the messages conveyed in this pair of sci-fi scripts can easily be  connected,...

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