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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri

I came across a blurb in a 1925 edition of The New Yorker — one of the short paragraphs in the “Talk of the Town” section — that said In a Garden, a new play by Philip Barry, had “too many ideas to succeed.”

But in 1960, another show set in a garden, with a manageable set and set of ideas, absolutely succeeded -- and still does. The Fantasticks -- book and lyrics by Tom Jones, music by...

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intoTheWoods Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri The Cider Mill Playhouse's season opener, Into the Woods (book by James Lapine, music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim), is a bold choice, and the first under the leadership of new Executive Director Gail King Belokur. With the nearly 30-year-old musical still growing in popularity and slated to be a film this Christmas, the timing was right, and, on the whole, I think the cast and crew were up to it --  but with a...
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