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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri

Six women’s lives play out in a Louisiana beauty parlor in Steel Magnolias, a two-act play by Robert Harling that was made into a star-studded film in 1989. I've never seen the movie, but I found the stage version  engaging, as directed by Lorraine Tennant and Matt Gaska at the Endicott Performing Arts Center.

Over the course of nearly three years, at the end of the big hair decade of the...

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Reviewed by Tony Villecco

The Summer Savoyards opened their 51st season Thursday (July 14)  at Binghamton University’s Anderson Center with, surely, something for everyone. With its colorful costumes, stage lighting, sets and music, this performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Patience" will please the most diehard G&S fans while, perhaps, make believers out of those with no previous exposure to the English duo's satires with their very unique place in musical evolution.

"Patience" was G&S's take on the excesses of the aesthetic movement. The pace for this...

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“Next of Kin” involved the audience in an improvisational murder mystery play at Centenary-Chenango Street United Methodist Church. Who will “Big Daddy” leave his vast estate to? But look and listen carefully — there will be more than one murder before this mystery is solved! The New Reality Players, directed by Foster Daniels, Jr., honored the memory of Michele Tully, whose vision was to bring the arts to Northside Binghamton.

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