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Reviewed by Lee Shepherd The Summer Savoyards' The Sorcerer created magic last night (Friday, July 14)  in the Anderson Center Chamber Hall at Binghamton University. One of Gilbert & Sullivan's lesser-known comic operas, presented here as a "staged concert," didn't skimp on much. It featured the full-length score and script, but minimal sets and costumes. The show is full of humor and pathos, timely social commentary, beautiful soaring voices and the spirited acting for which the company is known. Read more
Reviewed by Tony Villecco The Summer Savoyards' has successfully mounted a fun, colorful and energetic production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s perennial favorite operetta, The Mikado. Friday’s house (July 17) at Binghamton University was quite full with an appreciative audience who kept up with the unique British humor sprinkled with modern-day references. After a clean, if somewhat literal, interpretation of the overture, the fine orchestra kept a brisk pace throughout under the direction of Kimberly Bemis Tyler. This particular group of musicians played very well with only an occasional disconnect...
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Reviewed by Tony Villecco [caption id="attachment_8908" align="alignright" width="320"]Roe (left) and Tornberg Roe (left) and Tornberg[/caption] For more than 50 years, the Summer Savoyards have produced the popular English operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan, drawing largely on local talent ranging from fledgling teens to retired veterans. Last night (July 12) at Binghamton University's Anderson Center, the troupe (the longest running current community group in Binghamton) presented an entertaining evening with its version of The Gondoliers. There’s no point in trying to explain the story...
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Reviewed by Tony Villecco

The Summer Savoyards opened their 51st season Thursday (July 14)  at Binghamton University’s Anderson Center with, surely, something for everyone. With its colorful costumes, stage lighting, sets and music, this performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Patience" will please the most diehard G&S fans while, perhaps, make believers out of those with no previous exposure to the English duo's satires with their very unique place in musical evolution.

"Patience" was G&S's take on the excesses of the aesthetic movement. The pace for this...

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