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Reviewed by Lee Shepherd Tricky? Undoubtedly, but the difficult music played by the Binghamton Philharmonic Orchestra on Halloween Eve was a real treat for the mind and heart. The second concert in the BPO’s 2010-11 Classical Series featured Italian concert pianist Fabio Bidini performing Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor, Debussy’s Petite Suite and Elgar’s complete Enigma Variations, 14 musical caricatures of Elgar’s friends and family and their quirky mannerisms. Read more
Reviewed by Leo Cotnoir There is no question that John Covelli is a talented pianist, and it is clear that mid-19th Century Romanticism is his métier. After a somewhat overlong but informative introduction Sunday (Oct. 3) at The Schorr Family Firehouse Stage in Johnson City, Covelli launched into Robert Schumann’s "Fantasia in C Major, Opus 17" with the energy and gusto of a much younger man performing for a jury who would decide his fate. One could not help but hear the connection Covelli feels with the...
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