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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri N. Richard Nash’s The Rainmaker is a favorite of KNOW Theatre’s artistic director and co-founder, Tim Gleason, who directed the company's current production. This Rainmaker opened, ironically, on a very rainy Friday night (April 11) to a nearly full house at Binghamton's old Carroll Street fire station, now occupied by KNOW, its permanent resident. (more…)...
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Reviewed by George Basler Violence is on display at the KNOW Theatre in downtown Binghamton. The instruments aren't guns or knives, but verbal cruelty and desperation that can warp human beings. This desperation is the main theme of KNOW's first-rate production of David Mamet's controversial, 1984 Pulitzer prize-winning play, Glengarry Glen Ross. Set in a Chicago real estate office, the play focuses on a group of salesmen willing to go to any lengths to survive in the dog-eat-dog world where the highest- grossing salesman wins a Cadillac, and...
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Reviewed by Ralph Hall
"Bus Stop" at Know Theatre
Zac Chastain (Bo) and Jessica Nogaret (Cherie) in "Bus Stop" at Know Theatre
A sold-out audience heartily welcomed KNOW Theatre’s production of William Inge’s play Bus Stop this past Friday night (Feb. 10).  Few writers for the stage have Inge's powerful command of the American language. With the words of four bus riders, a driver, a sheriff and two waitresses stranded in...
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