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EPAC photo providedReviewed by Nancy Oliveri

The Endicott Performing Arts Center gave EPAC regular Dallas Elwood his directorial debut last night (Friday, April  1) with a production of John Steinbeck’s play Of Mice and Men (based on his novella). The three-act play, performed with one intermission and set in and around a Depression-era California ranch, was co-directed by Matt Gaska, another face familiar to local audiences.

Elwood is set to graduate in May from...

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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri

Is it just a coincidence that, in the turbulent fall of 2015, SUNY Broome Theater has produced a pair of plays under the heading Alien Invasions that focus on the importance of not letting paranoia and mob mentality rule the day? Maybe. But even if the timeliness of Gore Vidal’s Visit To a Small Planet and Rod Serling’s The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street was not planned, the messages conveyed in this pair of sci-fi scripts can easily be  connected,...

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