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"Blithe Spirit" Opens at Chenango River Theatre

Next up on CRT’s stage, after a record-breaking sold out run of Almost Heaven, is the world class comedy, Blithe Spirit, considered by many to be the masterpiece of Noel Coward’s comedies. (more…)...
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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri Flying, by Sheila Cowley, is a five-person tour de force of superb acting. A runner-up for the University of South Carolina’s Todd McNerney Playwriting Award, a nationally held contest, the play had its world premiere Friday night (May 26) at the Chenango River Theatre in Greene. The play is set in West Texas at the end of World War II. In two pin-dropping acts, it tells the story of a flying ace and hero,...
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Reviewed by Lee Shepherd Taking Sides, which opened Friday night (Sept. 30) at the Chenango River Theatre, is the perfect vehicle to showcase the supreme acting talents of Jim Wicker and James Wetzel. Portraying, respectively, world-renowned Berlin Philharmonic conductor Wilhelm Furtwangler and his post-World War II U.S. Army interrogator Major Arnold, the two are locked in mortal combat. You can’t take your eyes away from the carnage.
Reviewed by Lee Shepherd As the Press & Sun-Bulletin’s Chris Kocher said in his preview of the Chenango River Theatre’s show Last Gas, the title sounds suspiciously like “Last Gasp.” But in the clever play by John Cariani, the bittersweet ending finds lead character, Nat Paradis (played by CRT veteran Drew Kahl), taking a “Last Grasp” at happiness. At 41, Nat dredges up the courage to leave his northern Maine home town; ditches his father, Dwight (Jim Wicker), and his job running his dad’s store; takes leave...
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Reviewed by George Basler Jon Robin Baitz's Other Desert Cities asks some provocative questions: When does truth-telling carry a cost that is too painful to bear? When does artistic freedom mean betrayal? Should some secrets stayed buried? It offers no easy answers, but it does provide an absorbing evening of theater. The play was nominated for a Tony Award and named as a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. The recognition is well-deserved. Baitz’s play skillfully mixes intensely emotional moments with some brittle humor. The production, which opened last...
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escanaba cast

Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri

How many cool things are there to say about Jeff Daniel’s hilarious comedy Escanaba in Da Moonlight? Plenty, but it will be way more fun for you to just go and see what I mean, eh?

Albert Soady tells the tale of an unforgettable night at his family’s deer camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where everyone uses a “Yooper” accent and adds “eh?”...

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