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Reviewed by Nancy Oliveri

If you really love musicals and can’t get enough of them this summer, the relatively new group SPARE (Singers Performers Actors Repertory Entertainment) has put together an energetic production of Chicago, the long-running Broadway show by Fred Ebb (book and lyrics), Bob Fosse (book) and John Kander (music). (more…)

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Reviewed by George Basler Some of my favorite old-time movies growing up were the Judy Garland /Mickey Rooney movie musicals. They all had pretty much the same plot that ended with Mickey and Judy gathering a bunch of willing young people and intoning “let’s put on a show,” or words to that effect. Much the same atmosphere surrounds the Singers Performers Actors Repertory Ensemble’s production of Songs for a New World being staged this weekend at North Pointe Church in Hillcrest. SPARE is a new addition to the...
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