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Reviewed by Ralph Hall
"Bus Stop" at Know Theatre
Zac Chastain (Bo) and Jessica Nogaret (Cherie) in "Bus Stop" at Know Theatre
A sold-out audience heartily welcomed KNOW Theatre’s production of William Inge’s play Bus Stop this past Friday night (Feb. 10).  Few writers for the stage have Inge's powerful command of the American language. With the words of four bus riders, a driver, a sheriff and two waitresses stranded in...
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By Ralph E. Hall

In the mid-1970s, I had the pleasure of auditioning a very young teenager named Joe Andrews for the role of Sir Tom in Camelot (a Golden-Hall Production at the former Ramada Inn in Binghamton). The musical was produced in a dinner-theater seating. At one performance, a wait-staff member forgot to remove a tray from Joe's path for a running entrance path. The results were disastrous, but he and King Arthur went on complete the final scene of the show...

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