Fountain & Sculpture

River Walk Mosaic

Photograph by Kari Bayait

Peter Horstman, David Young, John Combs
Fountain & Sculpture, 1985
concrete and steel
South Promenade
City of Binghamton, Susquehanna Urban Park, Binghamton, NY

The fountain and sculpture are flanked by buildings and the river wall and is a part of the East Bank River Promenade that was constructed in 1985. When construction of the South Promenade began, the pre-existing fountain was restored, the surrounding area was redesigned and a sculptural element was added.

The fountain consisted of a circular pool with an underwater steel ring that released a cone shaped spray. The pool was constructed of a cast in place concrete with a brick cap and was flush with cast place concrete pavement scored in a radial pattern. Although the pool is no longer functional, you can see the concrete circle where it used to be. To the North of the circle is a curved cast in place concrete wall that reflects the shape of the pool. On top of the wall is a painted steel sculpture in the shape of a circle, mimicking the shape of the pool. Viewers standing above can look through the circle down the Chenango River to the confluence of the Chenango and the Susquehanna River.

In 2011 a group (Emily, Sam and Susan Jablon, Kari Bayait, Anthony Santucci, and Chris Long) came together to bring the Promenade new life by incorporating mosaic tiles into the surrounding cement walls. With help from Kari Bayait, project originator, and the  Southern Tier Celebrates organization which closed in 2010, this project became a reality. The glass tiles were donated by Susan Jablon Mosaics; the piece was the first mosaic done within downtown Binghamton. The inspiration for this piece was to bring color, joy and happiness to the city.  This artistic group wanted people to take pride in Binghamton and this piece was meant to give them hope.

Researched by: Jillian Proscia
Photographs provided by: Kari Bayait


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