Suzanne Mariani Lachman

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Suzanne Mariani Lachman

Since childhood, Suzanne has loved to paint. Growing up near the North Side in Endicott, NY, she found it wonderfully satisfying to spend countless hours in her bedroom drawing and painting. Not only did it provide a needed escape from her three very active brothers, it opened up an avenue of expression that would become a passionate pursuit throughout her adult life.

Suzanne returned to painting after retiring several years ago from full-time employment as a special educator and administrator within the Newark Valley School District and an adjunct lecturer at Binghamton University. Working primarily under the guidance of Owego master artist Robert Merwin and alongside other artists within the Artistic Visions Studio helps her to explore the beauty and range of techniques with the oil and acrylic mediums and to further develop her own style of painting She especially enjoys painting scenes from photographs she has taken from her many walks through her gardens, trips to the beach or from her various travels throughout the countryside and forests, all of which provide much inspiration for her paintings.

“It’s tremendously exciting and transformational to combine my love for a beautiful land or seascape with my desire to paint. The importance of painting with other artists cannot be understated. The knowledge and satisfaction gained from them collectively provide the stimulation and invaluable feedback necessary for one’s professional growth and learning as a painter.”

Suzanne, a graduate of Binghamton University, SUNY Cortland and SUNY Geneseo, is currently a member of the Artistic Visions Studio, the Tioga Arts Council, the Broome County Arts Council, and is a supporting member of Cooperative Gallery 213. She can be reached at her studio on the 2nd floor of the Artisan Townhouse.

480 Betty Lane Rd
Newark Valley, NY 13811
Phone: 607-642-8744
Facebook: smlachman

Member since: 2017

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