Slav Pomukchynsky and Marina Pomukchynsky

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Slav Pomukchynsky and Marina Pomukchynsky

Slav and Marina are married partners and locally residing artists, working with different media of visual art.

Slav was born in Odessa, Ukraine. He studied fine carpentry and always, since his youth, loved taking pictures of different places he lived in and traveled to. Unique perspective of his photographic images often reveals the true and unpredictable beauty of the common objects and places.

Marina was born in Frunze (Bishkek), Kyrgyzstan. She studied fine and performing art in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia; New York NY; and Binghamton NY. Marina has a B.A. in Studio Art and studied for a M.A. in Stage Design. Since the 1990s, Marina’s art has been displayed in various art shows. Several of her pieces, including murals, are now in private and public collections. Marina believes, and teaches her students, to enjoy and share art in any form as a common form of universal communication between all people.

640 Echo Rd
Vestal, NY 13850
Phone: 607-761-8674
Contact: Marina Pomukchynsky
Facebook: Slav Pomukchynsky, Marina Pomukchynsky

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