Richard G. Nolan

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Richard G. Nolan

Wood Creations by Richard G. Nolan
A self described perfectionist, Rich expressed his creative side as a youth by drawing in pencil, winning a Gold Key award in high school. Then, by chance, he was introduced to mechanical drafting, which was embraced as a new art form and showed the way to his calling as a mechanical engineer. For 25 years, Rich expressed his artistry through his drafting while becoming an accomplished designer holding numerous U.S. patents; his career culminating in building his own business designing and manufacturing fiber optic components. Never hesitant to delve into home improvement projects, much of his free time was spent acquiring knowledge and experience as an amateur woodworker.

Now as his business retires, Rich focuses his design and creative energies on sculpturing wood. With each creation, Rich explores new and challenging techniques; meticulously hand fitting and joining Cherry and Black Walnut hardwoods. The resulting collections of projects are truly unique in form and maintain the clean sophisticated style symbolic of the reputation he developed as a respected design engineer.

549 E Maine Rd
Johnson City, NY 13790
Phone: (607) 760-9485

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