Kirk Holm Madsen

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Kirk Holm Madsen

First introduced to art by his artist father, he grew up in New York visiting some of the greatest art museums in the world and began college as an art major. During college, he left the world of visual art and embarked on a successful 25-year career in the music industry. These many years later Kirk has returned to creating art which is why we say, “the art goes on”.

Kirk’s creation of fiber art is influenced by his father’s unique “batik” style, the 1970’s hippy bohemian “tie dye” culture of his youth and today he is drawn to the ancient technique of Japanese, “Shibori” fabric art. He often uses multiple techniques in creating his 2-D and apparel creations.

Kirk has been experimenting with the natural indigo dye which is quite a different method from his favored method “ice dye”. Dyeing with Indigo is a process with many variables, and as with any new process, common sense dictates that you always TEST FIRST if you have something specific in mind. If you are more flexible, you will be enthralled with the range of beautiful traditional blues you can get. You can also overdye Indigo dyed fabrics with other natural dyes to get other colors. The chemistry of getting to the blue cloth makes for a very interesting project.

Always in state of experimentation he turns to both traditional and non-traditional tools such as pvc pipes, surgical hemostats, artificial sinew, bees wax, wood and metal blocks, traditional tjantings and more. Searching for new ways to twist and ply fabric, dry dye with ice and snow is all part of the journey to his Madsenarts creations.

Kirk uses all natural fiber but prefers cotton and bamboo. As the sole producer, he works long and hard but the solitary work gives him the latitude of experimentation he enjoys.

Kirk’s work can be seen in the Madsenarts website, the Facebook, Etsy and Ebay Stores as well  Gallery 41 (Owego), various solo exhibits and at outdoor shows such as Jazz Fest (Binghamton), Colorscape (Norwich) and City of the Hills (Oneonta).

14 Westland Ct
Binghamton, NY 13905
Phone: 702-581-7496
Contact: Theresa Madsen
Facebook: madsenarts

Member since: 2017

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