Janice L. Wood

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Janice L. Wood

Janice enjoyed other artists’ works and drawing as a child. While she never had formal art training, she presented a very creative side all through school, college and during her career. Janice put her artistic pursuits on hold until her retirement in 2014. Upon retirement she began taking art workshops, attending demonstrations and participating in trips to museums in the US and abroad to enhance her knowledge.

She is the current President of the Board of Directors of the Fine Arts Society of the Southern Tier, Inc., whose primary mission is to promote art education.

She has won awards at local juried shows and continues to exhibit at many local establishments. Her subjects vary. A subject in the news, family, life history or just the environment may inspire her.

While Janice continues to prepare pieces in a traditional manner, she becomes very excited when creating a piece “out of the box”, or one that has personal meaning. Generally her medium is oil but other media such as pen, pencil, acrylic and even some very unusual materials are used when needed.

3536 Old Vestal Rd
Vestal, NY 13850
Phone: 607.797.1719
Email: benzjw1@gmail.com
Website: Janice L. Wood
Facebook: Janice Wood

Member since: 2016

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