Face It! Theatre Company

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Face It! Theatre Company

Face It! Theatre Company is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that works to bring political theatre to the Binghamton community through innovative/original works on relevant social justice issues.

Face It! Theatre challenges standard ways of seeing and experiencing issues with a vibrant and unique vantage point, thereby stimulating in-depth conversations on both a community and (when applicable) a more national level. The overall aim points toward finding creative solutions to current social problems. In its approach to performing venues, Face It! Theatre endeavors to bring the arts to all areas of the community, rather than insist that the community come to a fixed theatre establishment. In traveling a diverse terrain, Face It! Theatre seeks to create a dialogue amongst communities of a broad spectrum, urban and rural, intentionally teasing out the voices less heard in its productions.

24 Davis Ave
Johnson City, NY 13790
Phone (607) 759-6474
Contact James Michalec, President
Email: faceittheatre@gmail.com
Website: www.faceittheatre.org
Facebook: Face It! Theatre Company

Member since: 2015

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