Binghamton University Department of Theatre

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Binghamton University Department of Theatre

The Binghamton University Theatre Department offers courses and degree programs for a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and a combined Theatre BA/Masters in Public Administration program. The department of Theatre is insistent on providing students with lots of hands-on opportunities in Theatre, beginning in their freshman year. Cast and crew for productions are comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, occasionally augmented with guest artists. Theatre productions are credit-bearing course for currently registered students.

Our production program consists of a Mainstage and Studio Season. Mainstage Season typically features four to five productions, including one musical and often a dance show, which are directed by regular faculty members and guest artists.

The Studio Season varies from year to year in content and personnel involvement as might be expected. There are four levels of studio productions: In-the Works, Showcase, Thesis, Faculty-directed, and Open Season.

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