2011 Heart of the Arts & Lifetime Achievement Awards

The 2012 Heart of the Arts and Lifetime Achievement Awards will be presented on November 1st during ceremonies at the Broome County Arts Council’s gallery space, located on the 5th Floor of the Stephens Square Building, 81 State Street in downtown Binghamton. The awards honor individuals who have made significant impact on and contributions to the arts in Broome County.

Read Barb Van Atta’s profiles of the 2012 HOTA and Lifetime Recipients.


Lifetime Achievement Awards recognize long-term contributions, and this year’s recipients reflect the rich diversity of talent and dedication that enriches our community.

Terry Burke Veteran Sound and Lighting Technician

Jan De Angelo Multi-Dimensional Musician, Director and Choreographer


Heart of the Arts Awards recognize recent contributions to the arts, and this year’s recipients are being honored for working to connect the arts to the revitalization of their communities.

Julie Deemie President of Johnson City Partners and creator of “Carousel Days”

Ron Sall Chairman of JulyFest and the Binghamton Jazz Festival & President of the Downtown Binghamton Business Association

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Heart of the Arts and Lifetime Achievement Chronology


Lifetime Achievement Award:
  • Lance G. Hill, Concert Piano Tuner/Technician, Classical Music Broadcaster
Heart of the Arts Awards:
  • Terry McDonald, Executive Director, Roberson Museum & Science Center
  • Judy McMahon & Heidi Weeks, Co-Founders, Southern Tier Actors Read
  • Reed Smith, General Director, Tri-Cities Opera


Lifetime Achievement Award:
  • Margaret S. “Pokey” Crocker, Executive Director, The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier
Heart of the Arts Awards:
  • William “Billy” Carroll, IATSE Local #54 Business Agent and Crew Chief
  • Lou Ligouri, Executive Director, Endicott Performing Arts Center
  • Pam Ondrusek, President, SRO Productions III


Lifetime Achievement Award:
  • Bill Gorman, Performer, Photographer, Advocate for the Arts
Heart of the Arts Awards:
  • Tim Gleason, Artistic Director, KNOW Theatre
  • Naima Kradjian, Executive Director, Goodwill Theatre, Inc.
  • Bill & Johanne Pesce, Co-founders, Windsor Whip Works Art Gallery


Lifetime Achievement Award:
  • Peyton Hibbit, Co-founder & Artistic Director Emeritus, Tri-Cities Opera
Heart of the Arts Awards:
  • Bruce Borton, Director of Graduate Studies in Music, Binghamton University
  • Yvonne Lucia, Artist, arts advocate & educator
  • Paul Stapel, Former Executive Director, The ART Mission & Theatre, musician, impressario


Lifetime Achievement Awards:
  • Armondo Dellasanta, Painter
  • Bill Nurse, Lighting Technician
Heart of the Arts Awards:
  • Andy Horowitz, President & Director, Galumpha International Touring Dance Company
  • Orazio Salati, Painter, Arts Educator, Gallery owner
  • Stephen Wilson, Executive Director, Binghamton Philharmonic


Lifetime Achievement Awards:
  • Anne Boyer Cotton, Founder, Madrigal Choir of Binghamton
  • Dick & Noni Smith, Director/Actor, Cider Mill Playhouse
Heart of the Arts Awards:
  • Don DeMauro, Director, Spool Mfg. Contemporary Artspace
  • Patrick Foti, Artistic Director, Endicott Performing Arts Center
  • Larry Kassan, Director, Rod Serling Video Festival


Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • Albert Nocciolino, Theatre Producer, President, NAC Enterprises, Ltd./Broadway Theatre League
  • Marcella Swartz, Artist & Arts Educator
Heart of the Arts Awards
  • Sherry Eaton, President, Gorgeous Washington Street Association
  • Jose Luis Novo, Conductor/Musical Director, Binghamton Philharmonic
  • Ellen Kodadek, CEO, Southern Tier Celebrates!

**2004 Inaugural Heart of the Arts Awards**

  • John Bielenberg, co-founder Cider Mill Playhouse, former chairman Binghamton University Theatre Department
  • Irene Kanazawich, Pianist/Accompanist
  • Ted Whipple, Painter