What did you do in the arts this week?

I went to First Friday in downtown Binghamton, where I toured galleries and helped promote the Broome County Arts Council’s upcoming Heart of the Arts celebration. What did you do in the arts this past week?

— Barb Van Atta

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  1. Lawrence Kasan

    This past weekend the Summer Youth Musical Theater Workshop presented Les Miserables at its new home, the Helen Foley Theatre at Binghamton High School. I wanted to write a summary for the Mirror but noticed this letter to the editor submitted to the Press and Sun-Bulletin that perfectly conveys my feelings about the production. I’m glad that, after the workshop lost its home at BU, both SUNY Broome and the Binghamton City School District joined forces to keep this wonderful program alive! (I must add this disclaimer that I manage the Helen Foley Theatre and served as lighting designer for the production).

    “I knew nothing about the Summer Youth Musical Theatre Workshop. I did not know any of the performers, their families, the people involved with the workshop — no one, nothing.

    But I saw the article about the SYMTW, SUNY Broome Community College and Binghamton High School coming together to present Les Miserables. I had read the book, listened to the songs and so thought this was a neat chance to see the play live.

    I don’t know how to explain to you the impact of the young people’s performance. I was awestruck by their talent. They conveyed the thoughts, the mood and Victor Hugo’s heart-rending story superbly.

    To everyone involved — performers, families, crew, teachers, every organization and person that came together to tell such a marvelous story in such a marvelous way — I say, “Thank you.” Thank you for sharing your talent to remind us “… that to love another person is to see the face of God.” Congratulations on your excellent show.”


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