Painter Ted Whipple celebrates 100th birthday

Painter Ted Whipple,  winner of a 2004 Heart of the Arts Award and resident of Elizabeth Church Manor, celebrated his 100th birthday on June 14 with a party organized by his family.   In honor of his birthday, Ted and his family donated his 1971 painting of the windmill at Ericeira, Portugal to Elizabeth Church Manor.  Ted said that windmills had been one of his favorite painting subjects because they are so distinctive.  He credits his longevity to two decades of eating a bowl of Cap’n Crunch cereal every morning and Lorna Doone cookies every evening.   Son Bob Whipple wrote to the Quaker Oats Company, which makes Cap’n Crunch, and told them about his father’s devotion to their cereal. Quaker issued a fan proclamation naming Ted “The Ripe and Honorable Fellow of the Loyal Order of the Cap’n,” and sent a Cap’n Crunch t-shirt.  Ted also received a congratulatory letter from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

A native of Binghamton, Thornton W. “Ted” Whipple began painting in 1963, at the age of 50. A member, and past President, of The Artists Guild, Ted studied principally with Cecil Popolo at the Roberson Center for the Arts & Science, and with Revington Arthur at the Chautauqua Institute. He also belonged to the International Society of Artists and other local artist’s societies,  active in community affairs, and in 2004 was honored with the Broome County Arts Council’s Heart of the Arts Award.

Ted Whipple with his 2004 Heart of the Arts Award from BCAC.

Ted Whipple with his 2004 Heart of the Arts Award from BCAC.

Painting in transparent watercolor both locally and abroad, Ted created landscapes,street scenes and seasonal paintings, often of the Southern Tier. For years, his ARTVAN license plate was a familiar sight on area roads. Ted’s paintings are widely represented in corporate and institutional collections including those of the Bank of New York, Century 21 Realtors, Columbia Gas & Electric, General Electric, IBM Corporation, Lourdes Hospital, Prudential Bache and Universal Instruments Corporation, among many.  Visit a Connelly Gallery slideshow of Ted’s work from a 2005 retrospective.   Happy 100th birthday, Ted!



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  1. Scott Anderson

    Art and music contribute a vital dynamic in healing and expression of the soul. While influence is eclectic and panoramic; music and art is an intrinsic dimension. Music, art, empowers feelings such as freedom and understanding, stirs stagnation of spirit, imagination, happiness, sadness. They can kindle moods and memories; transport or rehabilitate, even tranquilize. Art, music, is a canvas of creativity for mind and soul; a pallet of colors and tones infusing the tissues of human, diplomacy and emotion into articulation.
    Photography allows entrapment of moments; from iris sketches to digital captives. While many of today’s cameras are a design in poetic, digital, imagery and technological vision; photographers collect soul prints that help edify emotional Braille frozen in “that” moment. Photography is a manifestation of black, white and grey abstractions of reality, where thought is not always sharp Crayola’s.
    We live in a landscape where our poise, our character, is under constant surveillance. Words and actions scrutinized by the vindictive tongue of high-definition media; we are merely animated skeletons wearing life jackets, clinging to flotation devices such as time, hope, love, faith.
    Photography may expose or impose; to me it is soul spun. It is its own dogma of shadow and light. It may be islands of thought and dreams, or just shipwrecked memories. Through the camera eye I try to fathom the audacity of life and find common ground.
    Scott Michael Anderson