Lage and Eldridge bring BU audience to its feet

Reviewed by Lory Martinez

Julian Lage and Chris “Critter” Eldridge waltzed onto Binghamton University’s Watters Theater stage Wednesday (Oct. 8) to serenade the crowd with originals and covers from their latest album, Avalon.

The New York City-based acoustic guitar duo offered the perfect combination of the jazz and blues spirit, or as Lage put it:

Photo Credit: Anderson Center for the Performing Arts

Photo Credit: Anderson Center for the Performing Arts

“We have singing songs, which you’ve heard some of those; we have fiddle-type tunes and we have this third thing that we very lovingly call ‘esoteric acoustic guitar art songs.’ These are songs that focus on two guitars, which is why we’re doing this, to kind of explore the nuances and various stuff that exists between two instruments.”

Lage has the soul. At one point, he let out an “Ahh,” reminding one of an entranced Django Reinhardt, in the middle of a jazz solo. Eldridge is that country crooner, who tiptoes when he plays a particularly good bit during a song.

Together they gave an excellent performance, that ended in a standing ovation and an encore.

For more by Lage and Eldrige, check out their album here.

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