Heart of the Arts Memorial Roll Call

A Note from Sharon Ball, Executive Director, Broome County Arts Council:  Our 10th Heart of the Arts Awards Celebration on Monday (Sept. 22)  featured a special and very moving Memorial Roll Call researched, written and presented by Broome Arts Mirror Editor Barb Van Atta.   We wanted to share it with you:

Barb Van Atta delivers Heart of the Arts Memorial Roll Call

Barb Van Atta delivers Heart of the Arts Memorial Roll Call

“Good evening! I’m Barb Van Atta, editor of your blog, Broome Arts Mirror. In the midst of celebrating luminaries of our vibrant arts community, let’s pause to remember some of the lights that have been extinguished since the last Heart of the Arts Celebration.

Before I begin, a special thank you to Kari Bayait and Rene Neville of Binghamton University, John Rozzoni of Tri-Cities Opera, Guido LeBron, Tony Villecco and, most of all, Chris Kocher of the Press &-Sun-Bulletin, who provided the photos that Greg Keeler graciously assembled for me here.

In alphabetical order, we remember:

Jane Stuart Andrus: educator, literacy advocate and co-founder of RiverRead Books.

Robert Boettger: longtime member of community music ensembles such as the Kirby Band, the Maine Community Band and the Vestal Community Band

Carol Ann Brunelli: fabric artist and matriarch of an artistic family

David Buttolph: Binghamton University faculty member and founder of the Harpur Chorale, the University Chorus and BU’s Elizabethan Madrigal Feast

Jim Chvatal: pipe organist and church musician

George Corino: founder and director of Opera Cabaret of Endicott

Leona Curatolo Davison: mezzo soprano and one of the founding singers of Tri-Cities Opera

Robert Eckert: Broadway investor and strong supporter of the Endicott Performing Arts Center

Rick Fabrizi: drum teacher and performer

Linda Giese: former BU costume designer and managing director of Starry Night Puppet Theater

Floyd Herzog: producer and director of Binghamton University’s Anderson Center

John Klehr: accomplished musician on banjo, guitar, dulcimers and other stringed instruments

Susan J. Peters: Binghamton University faculty member and musical director for the BU theater department and for the Cider Mill Playhouse

Cecil Popolo: painter, teacher and art curator

Laura Pratt: cellist with the Binghamton Community Orchestra

Ted Ronsvalle: Community Orchestra bassist and director of the Kirby Band for 25 years

Harold W. “Butch” Skeene: smooth-voiced vocalist with popular local bands

Duane Skrabalak: vocal coach, Operalogue host and longtime conductor, chorus master and artistic director of Tri-Cities Opera

Loretta Tolleson: wardrobe seamstress for the Theatrical Stage Employees Union Local 54

Richard Warner: a member of the BU Theater Department staff and one of the
familiar “faces” of the box office at the Cider Mill Playhouse

Dianne Lynne (Hodack) Zeigler: artist and frequent contributor to the Rude and Bold Women art shows

Angelo Zuccolo: actor, stage director, published poet and professor emeritus of theater at SUNY Broome

Please join me in a moment of silence.


(As chime fades away). Thank you.

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