What have you discovered in the arts this week?

Did you celebrate the Columbus Day weekend with a little artistic discovery? Please share your adventures.

2 Responses to "What have you discovered in the arts this week?"

  1. Lee Shepherd

    Drove up to the State Theater in Ithaca last night to hear Garrison Keillor — it was basically a 2 hour “News Report from Lake Wobegon” by the Prairie Home Companion radio show host, who was decked out in a mussed up suit with high water pants (he’s very tall), red sneakers and socks and tie, with a face like a St. Bernard framed by bedraggled hair and bushy eyebrows. There was no intermission — he told a long shaggy dog story, with himself as the protagonist. Along the way, he gave us a synopsis of his life and career, read his very funny (and a bit raunchy) original poetry, and imparted his up-beat philosophy of life. A funny, thoughtful, endearing man! Check out the State Theater, a not-for-profit organization run on grant money and donations and a large volunteer corps, with an impressive schedule of visiting performers.

  2. Nancy Oliveri

    What a perfect description of Garrison Keillor! I try to catch A Prairie Home Companion as often as possible.