Were you art-full this week?

Broome County has just enjoyed a jam-packed arts weekend. I was so busy singing in the chorus of “The Gondoliers” that I didn’t have a chance to see or do anything else. SO ………….. help me out, BAMirror readers, and tell me all about what I missed, from “Fame” to JulyFest to the latest movie opening. If you were out-and-about in the arts, please share.

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1 Response to "Were you art-full this week?"

  1. Scott Anderson

    July Fest was quite successful once again in my humble opinion. Weather, although hot and humid, was still better than rain. July Fest certainly allows the privilege of showcasing many talented artists and their work. So much music to offer the community as well; I really enjoyed Michael Hill’s Blues Mob this year, a great New York City blues based band.

    It was three great days of July Fest that concluded on Sunday over at the Roberson Museum for the “kickoff” of the Roberson National Juried Art Exhibition. A very, very creative exhibition of artists that will be on display until the end of October 2013.

    I accidentally posted my artistic statement under a different story back on July 5, I certainly apologize to Mr. Ted Whipple and family for this accidental posting under his story. I thought I was posting under a different template all together, I meant no disrespect by this action.
    I would like to re-post my statement here. Thank You!

    Scott Anderson Artistic Statement and the Binghamton Art Focus.

    Art and music contribute a vital dynamic in healing and expression of the soul. While influence is eclectic and panoramic; music and art is an intrinsic dimension. Music, art, empowers feelings such as freedom and understanding, stirs stagnation of spirit, imagination, happiness, sadness. They can kindle moods and memories; transport or rehabilitate, even tranquilize. Art, music, is a canvas of creativity for mind and soul; a pallet of colors and tones infusing the tissues of human, diplomacy and emotion into articulation.
    Photography allows entrapment of moments; from iris sketches to digital captives. While many of today’s cameras are a design in poetic, digital, imagery and technological vision; photographers collect soul prints that help edify emotional Braille frozen in “that” moment. Photography is a manifestation of black, white and grey abstractions of reality, where thought is not always sharp Crayola’s.
    We live in a landscape where our poise, our character, is under constant surveillance. Words and actions scrutinized by the vindictive tongue of high-definition media; we are merely animated skeletons wearing life jackets, clinging to flotation devices such as time, hope, love, faith.
    Photography may expose or impose; to me it is soul spun. It is its own dogma of shadow and light. It may be islands of thought and dreams, or just shipwrecked memories. Through the camera eye I try to fathom the audacity of life and find common ground.

    Scott M. Anderson