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2 Responses to "Were you art-full this past week?"

  1. Sharon Ball

    Thoroughy enjoyed poet Joe E. Weil’s reading at Africa House in Endicott last Thursday night (Jan. 20). We sat around “kitchen table” style as Joe called it, in an informal circle of chairs, all at the same level. Between poems, Joe would take to the keyboards and sing a song (nice job on Neil Young’s “Helpless”) accompanied by his wife who is also a poet. Cold, blowing snow outside. The small gathering inside warmed by Joe’s big energy and moved to laughter and tears by often pain-tinged poems from Weil’s most recently book, “The Plumber’s Apprentice.” Joe is on the the Creative Writing faculty at Binghamton University. Africa House is a beautiful, welcoming space at 50 Washington Ave. It was a good collaboration.

  2. Sharon Ball

    Snuck out on my to-do list last night to see “The King’s Speech” at Regal Cinema on Upper Front. Excellent and surprisingly funny. Oh that Colin Firth. He managed to make royal arrogance a sympathetic characteristic. That’s my take, anyway. What’s yours?