Were the arts part of your holiday weekend (and week)?

How have you been a part of the arts and how have the arts been a part of you lately? Please share with BAMirror.

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  1. Barb Van Atta

    Comment from Lee Shepherd:
    I was privileged to be among the small group Thursday night (April 4) at WSKG’s taping of an “Expressions” segment by pianist Margaret (Pej) Reitz and tenor Steven Nanni, which will be aired on our PBS station on May 9. They’re both local treasures. She is one of the best accompanists in the Southern Tier, and he is a singer on par with tenor Richard Leech, another vocal talent that emanated from the Southern Tier. Nanni’s rendition of Neapolitan love songs are heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Don’t miss this show! Also, hats off to the sound and video technicians at WSKG, who mastermind these programs. They do sensitive and artistic work and produce highly professional programs.