Were the arts part of your holiday?

How were the arts part of your holiday weekend? Did you visit a museum, snap some artistic photos, listen to pipers in a Memorial Day parade?
Were you in rehearsal for one of the many season-ending performances planned by local choruses and theater companies?
Or, perhaps, you and your fellow holiday picnickers spent some time just talking about the arts and their importance to Broome County.
Please share your thoughts with BAMirror.

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1 Response to "Were the arts part of your holiday?"

  1. Perceval the Younger

    Yes, I wish to share with your membership what was shared with me this past weekend concerning our beloved Tri-Cities Opera.
    It seems that the company is in a current state of disarray! The final offering this season ended up being an artistic debacle. I won’t go into general details concerning the low artistic level presented, which I suppose is a matter of opinion.
    However, it is alleged that the Music Director was abusive verbally to many of the orchestra members, which has led to the resignation of principal players. He seems to be protected by the Executive Director, who reportedly has a firm control over the Board of Directors. This is a Board that presently does not have enough members from the community who have run a significant business with a practicing knowledge of a financial plan. Doctors, Lawyers, Educators, but alas not enough Commerce represented.
    If I may take the liberty, I wish to address, through this medium, TCO’s BOD:

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board:
    Basic Governance of a Non-Profit Board of Directors clearly dictates that YOU are the determining organ, presiding over the fiscal responsibility of the Company.
    It appears, from everything that I have heard, that you are taking your orders from the Executive.
    Basic Governance, if you are not aware, practices the opposite. The Administration answers to YOU.
    May I suggest the following actions to be placed in order immediately:
    1. Dismiss the current Music Director ASAP. He has now become a liability!
    2. Reverse the chain of command and place yourselves at the top and the Administration under.
    3. Seek more members on your Board that have practicing knowledge of the operation and running of a financial organization.
    Thank you for your attention to these matters,
    Perceval the Younger