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1 Response to "Tell us about the arts in your week"

  1. cyberbassdave

    We enjoyed the St. John’s Ukrainian Festival in Johnson City. Brightly costumed folk dancers performed 10 dances portraying old agrarian themes, such as flirtation, wood cutters, salt wagoneers, harvesting buckwheat and the sword-dancing Cossacks.

    Sunday we went up to Oxford to see local playwright Fred Dankert’s latest original production for the Oxford Civic Theater. “William Gillette and the Orphans of St. Jude” is the story of a struggling 1898 playwright who is inspired by a group of runaway orphans to write a new play about Sherlock Holmes. It was a charming performance by a cast of two dozen local amateur actors, half of them children and youth. Of historical note is the fact that William Gillette was, in fact, the playwright who brought Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character from literature to the stage in America. His deerslayer hat and long curved pipe became signature items of Holmes’ attire.