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2 Responses to "Starting April in an art-full way"

  1. I recently attended an opening at Windsor Whip Works Gallery located in Windsor. Ralph Turturro, a talented painter who teaches in Greene, displayed his work in conjunction with modern sculptor, now painter, Bernard Mangiaracina. The juxtaposition of the two artists was an interesting exhibition plan, well-executed in form, texture, color and theme. I had the pleasure of speaking with both artists who were as down to earth as their subject matter was lofty. I highly recommend this exhibition to the public. There will be an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 17. Refreshments are free; the gallery is open to the public.

  2. I had the great fortune to experience a First Friday in April as an audience member as opposed to a gallerist. It was wonderful to have the freedom to explore the downtown scene. It was nice to see my friend Earl Lehman’s work at Orazio Salati’s gallery. The work was well displayed and showed a wide range of palettes and styles. Jim Johnston had his last exhibit at Orazio’s after five years so that he can pursue his photography promotion and exhibition itinerary. (He was first-place winner in the WSKG Art In Motion exhibit that travels to various venues.) I wish him the best of luck and many more awards and kudos. A stop by Brunelli’s is always de rigeur to see what kinds of work he is displaying from his talented stable of artists. As usual the brothers Brunelli had a lovely representation of photorealist artists that the gallery is known for.
    It is interesting to see who goes to what gallery, what the dynamics are and what the flow is. A stop by Merlin’s is always a nice reprieve on the First Friday trail. Everyone is welcome, the owner is very nice and the venue is always clean. They also display art at their establishment. Sadly, Anam Cara is gone, but Giddy Bird, originally located in Owego has stepped up to the plate to fill the vacancy. Local restaurants were busy; people were happy, but, sadly, the Kilmer Brasserie was closed. This was a popular place for the late night crowd to convene after the art walk, and it was missed for its elegance and the kind ministrations of Monica and JB.