Did you have an art-full weekend?

Did you attend a concert or play last weekend — or perform in one? Did you visit a gallery or, perhaps, open your own art show? If, as spectator or participant, you had an art-full weekend, please share what you saw or did.

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1 Response to "Did you have an art-full weekend?"

  1. jimciotoli

    Last night I walked across the yard and went to see “The Uneasy Chair” at the Cider Mill Playhouse in Endicott. At first, I was wondering if I would like it since it was billed as an English comedy, you know with British accents and humor. Well, to my surprise, I loved it. It was fast-paced and very funny, getting many laughs from the audience and loud applause at the end (should have received a standing ovation, but I have noticed that the Playhouse audiences are not very generous with these).
    It is a comedy/love story — three acts, one intermission. The show got out at around 10:35 p.m. There wasn’t a dull moment. The set is plain, with the living room on a straight track, and it comes out towards the audience, center stage. All of the lines are delivered very clearly and easy to understand. I didn’t miss a word. The best part was toward the end, and I will leave that to you.
    The show for couples, and it runs through Valentine’s Day, but I wouldn’t wait too long to get tickets for that particular weekend, as I am sure they will sell fast for the last weekend of the play’s run.
    They have a Web site: http://www.cidermillplayhouse.com.