Did you enjoy the arts this week?

How were you involved in the arts this week? Therese Bohn, BAMirror’s newest writer, immersed herself in movie camp (see review below). Please share what you did.

1 Response to "Did you enjoy the arts this week?"

  1. george basler

    I saw a terrific film last weekend at the Art Mission Theater in Binghamton. Fruitvale Station focuses on the shooting death of Oscar Grant, a young black man, by BART police officers at the Fruitvale rapid transit station a couple of years ago. Not only is it an excellent film, but it’s an important one dealing with how young black men are perceived in society. It struck home in the wake of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. The direction by Ryan Coogler was excellent. Michael B. Jordan gave a first rate performance as Grant. The Art Mission deserves a lot of credit for continuing to bring offbeat, sometimes controversial films to the area. While Fruitvale Station has done well in major cities, it never would have gotten to this area without the Art.