Were the arts part of your week?

What a great time of year! Some arts organizations are finishing up their seasons; others are just getting started. I was too busy performing this weekend — Downtown Singers on Saturday (May 31) — to be an audience member. What about you? What did you see, hear, look at, admire (or not)? Please share your arts adventures.

— Barb Van Atta

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1 Response to "Were the arts part of your week?"

  1. Scott Anderson

    On Thursday evening, May 22, I had the opportunity to hear local photographer J.W. Johnson give a presentation on his work and his passion on the art of photography. This wonderful presentation was held at the very prestigeous Windsor Whip Works Gallery in Windsor.
    Mr. Johnson delivered a very endearing and prolific power-point presentation on his career and his beautiful work.

    Being a votary of photography, I found his passion and wisdom quite enlightening and reinforcing. To hear, connect, decipher and find the same common ground of thoughts on certain obstacles that come along with photography and for photographers — it was nice to know that I have not been suffering alone with certain aspects, frustrations and indecision that photographers face, either mechanically or artistically, even spiritually at times.

    So, I applaud Mr. J.W. Johnson for sharing his story and his art, his professionalism was greatly appreciated. Simplicity and reflection is sometimes the most lucid of teachers. To the Windsor Whip Works Art Gallery for hosting such an informative presentation and artistic workshop, it was a very pleasant gathering of artists and citizens. It was nice to see many familiar faces of the art community in attendance as well.

    I am very humbled to be among such wonderful talent and personality, it is a learning privilege for me that I appreciate so dearly.

    Thank You!

    Scott M. Anderson [Photographer – Windsor, New York]

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