Have the arts been part of your holiday season?

All work (or shopping) and no play (or celebrating) makes for a dull  holiday. Have you been taking time to enjoy the arts this season? Please share.

1 Response to "Have the arts been part of your holiday season?"

  1. Scott Anderson

    Just wanted to thank all of you at the Broome County Arts Council for your tremendous effort each week on keeping the community informed and bringing in great talent all year long; from poets to artists and photographers. 2013 was a great year locally for art, at least I feel that it was. As Binghamton has a change of Mayor’s; I would like to also thank Mayor Matt Ryan for supporting the arts here locally for many years. I hope new Mayor Rich David will continue in the footsteps of Mr. Ryan and foster the art community. I enjoyed the Cooperative Art Gallery 213 Holiday Sale and look forward to the Bob Johnston Memorial that starts on January 3, 2014. As a photographer and artist I appreciate so many venues and individuals who help keep the pulse of the art community alive, I thank you all for letting me share my work with you this year, it has been an honor and extreme pleasure to be able exhibit. I have also learned a great deal this year among my peers and thank you for your patience and education. I am quite humbled by all the great talent in the Southern Tier and even more grateful for so many friendships and great human beings.

    Always Very Appreciative,
    Scott M. Anderson (Windsor Photographer)