The Frame of Mind Film Series

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The Roxbury Arts Group Celebrates is proud to announce:

The Frame of Mind Film Series

Saturday & Sunday, March 24 & 25, 2018

Local filmmakers share their films timely to our current community and national conversations.

Q&A with filmmakers to follow each film.
607.326.7908 or

Join the Roxbury Arts Group as they kick-off a film series sure to be the cure for your cabin fever. The Roxbury Arts Group is excited to announce the ‘Frame of Mind’ Film Series, a film series focusing on the works of local film makers and their eclectic array of films based on topics that evoke feeling and provoke discussion. The films focus on topics that are extremely relevant to our times – in both our local and national communities. Topics include bullying, mental health, autism, transgender violence, opioid addiction and race in education. Each film is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. The ‘Frame of Mind’ Film Series will take place at the Roxbury Arts Center, 5025 Vega Mountain Road in Roxbury, on Saturday and Sunday, March 24 and 25. Tickets are $5 for individual films, $12 for a full day of films, or $20 for the complete series. Complete film series details are available at or 607.326.7908.

“As a multi-disciplinary arts organization, we wanted to highlight the geat work that our extremely talented local filmmakers are producing,” says Karen Fairbairn, Program Director of the Roxbury Arts Group. “As our discussions with local filmmakers progressed, we learned that they were tackling very complex and timely topics, and this series came together as a place where their films can be screened and conversations can take place about these very important topics.”

Cast for Candyland comprised of all Delaware County students. Filmmaker Lisa Wisely

The ‘Frame of Mind’ Film Series begins on Saturday, March 24 at 4:00 pm with Candyland. The film is set in 1983 and captures the fashion and sounds of the not yet neon 80’s. It is a tale of social pressure, cruelty and change. Delhi resident and filmmaker Lisa Wisely says “The story is totally true. I was a mean girl. I was a person who moved to a new town, befriended anyone who seemed empowered and enjoyed a brief but terrifying reign of terror as the girl who could beat anyone up. The girl who could shut anyone down. The girl who was bigger, taller and more foul mouthed than anyone else in the neighborhood.” Screenwriter Lisa Wisely, and Director James Felix Kenney will host a Q&A session directly following the 11-minute film.

SMACKED, a film that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the life of an addict – their relapses, struggles and recovery will show at 5:00 pm on Saturday, March 24. SMACKED takes a look at how law enforcement tackles illicit drugs and what the medical community has done to both contribute to and help resolve the issue. “We make documentaries to bring subjects to light; to help people better understand what’s happening; to give them tools that help them form opinions. Documentaries are ‘ice-breakers’ so that interested community members can come to the table, broach a discussion, and find solutions to problems,” filmmaker Jessica Vecchione said. Following the 1-hour film there will be a Q&A with Vecchione and journalist Lillian Browne.

Roger Ross Williams. Academy Award Winner. Screening: Life, Animated

Rounding out the Saturday, March 24 line-up is Life, Animated showing at 7:00pm. Life, Animated is an inspirational story of a young man who was unable to speak as a child until he and his family discovered a unique way to communicate by immersing themselves in the world of classic Disney animated films. “An inspiring story. Life, Animated makes fascinating points about the power of cinema, and about who gets to decide what constitutes a meaningful life” says Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post. Roger Ross Williams, Sundance Documentary Directors Award winner and Academy Award Winning Director/Producer will host a Q&A session following the 1 hour and 30-minute film.

The ‘Frame of Mind’ Film Series continues on Sunday, March 25 at 12:30pm with The Last Negroes at Harvard. In 1957 nineteen students entered Harvard as negroes and in 1963 they graduated as blacks. The film supplies current conversation with several of the “19” as they recall their individual thoughts and feelings of the Ivy League University pre-affirmative action. “We were brought to Harvard and left to fend for ourselves in the citadel of white privilege” says Kent Garrett, the filmmaker who will host a Q&A alongside Jeanne Ellsworth following the screening of this 23-minute film.

At 2:00pm on Sunday, March 25, the Roxbury Arts Group will present CRAZY. The film follows Eric, diagnosed schizophrenic, who in 2011 faced a critical choice – whether to comply with traditional mental health treatment or follow his own path to wellness. Eric’s doctors want to medicate him for his own protection… but after eight years of psych meds, Eric wants to refuse drugs that he believes may harm him. “A courageous documentary… fair, balanced, and committed to the truth” says Bruce Levine of the Huffington Post, AlterNet, and Madinamerica. Producer and director Lise Zumwalt and co-producer Tony Breuer will lead a Q&A after the 1 hour and 45-minute film.

David France. Academy Award Nominee. Screening: The Death & Life of Marsha P. Johnson

Closing the ‘Frame of Mind’ Film Series is The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson. Marsha was an African American gay liberation activist and self-identified drag queen. Known as an outspoken advocate for gay rights, Johnson was one of the prominent figures in the vanguard of the Stonewall uprising in 1969. Her suspicious death in 1992 has been the source of much debate. “Reminds you of the key part that the transgender community played in the socio-political struggle for recognition. Essential viewing” says David Fear of Rolling Stone Magazine. Academy Award nominee, director and producer David France will lead a Q&A session following the 1 hour and 45-minute film.

‘Frame of Mind’ Film Series tickets are $5 for individual films, $12 for a full day of films, or $20 for the complete series. Tickets can be purchased in advance at or by calling 607.326.7908. Additional film series details can be found at the Roxbury Arts Group website or by calling the Roxbury Arts Group administrative office.

All programs offered by the Roxbury Arts Group in 2018 are made possible with the support of the New York State Council on the Arts, with the support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature, the A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation, the Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation, the Tianaderrah Foundation, WIOX Community Radio, and the generosity of our business supporters and individual donors like you.

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