Ragazine.cc: Nov-Dec 2017 V13N6

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Nov-Dec 2017 V13N6

Happy Holidays: Always remember to say “Excuse me,” before you pass out.

We’ve got a great issue for you to close out 2017.

Fiction from Alexis Rhone Fancher; Poetry by Richard Livermore; Art by Fred Bendheim; Retweets from Galanty Miller’s huge and growing huger archives; David Gittens’ recap of a peace-bridge effort to South Korea; Michael Jantzen’s latest project — a proposal for eco-friendly building projects; Book Reviews; A Crack in the Sidewalk by Barbara Rosenthal; Fiction by Daniel Dragomirescu translated from the Romanian; Greg Stewart’s NY, a performance review of Odetta Hartman and Jack Inslee at Rough Trade in Williamsburg; Allen Forrest’s artful take on a conspiracy theory about “the Simpson case,” and more!

Thanks for reading!
Mike Foldes, Founder, Managing Editor

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