Call for Creatives – Exterminator Extravaganza

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Call for Creatives

Exterminator Extravaganza

This year is the 100th anniversary of Willis Sharpe Kilmer’s wonder horse Exterminator winning the Kentucky Derby.

The Broome County Arts Council is hosting an artistic celebration of his victory and his life.

All Broome County residents, adults and students, are welcome participate in this celebration. Work created will be displayed in the arts council’s gallery for the month of June beginning with an artists’ reception open to the public on June’s First Friday Art Walk. A few pieces will be selected to hang in the Legislative Chambers of the Broome County Office Building.

On May 11, 1918, a horse they called “Old Bones” and the “Galloping Hat Rack” because he was so ugly, surprised everyone and endeared himself to the American public by beating out the favorites and winning the Kentucky Derby.  After his racing career was over he spent his final years at Kilmer’s stable on Riverside Drive in Binghamton. On May 30th, his birthday, children were invited to celebrate with him by taking a ride on his back or feeding his companion, a little horse called “Peanuts”.

Visual Arts:
• Using any visual medium (painting, mixed media, collage, digital art, photography, video, animation, graphic novel, sculpture) create an original work that captures or portrays the essence of Exterminator or is inspired by his story or the events in his life. The work may be literal but does not have to be.

Literary Arts:
• Create an essay inspired by Exterminator’s life, his story, an event in his life.
• Create a poem, short story, a children’s story, short play, script for a movie or video inspired by his life.
• Record or write an interview with a person who remembers seeing Exterminator.

• Create and record a folk song, a Rap, a ballad or other vocal piece about or inspired by Exterminator.
Songs should be submitted as written lyrics and a score, if possible.
Performance should be submitted on a CD, flash drive and/or with a Youtube video address.
• Create and record a piece of instrumental music inspired by Exterminator.
Work should be submitted as a written score, if possible.
Performance should be submitted on a CD, flash drive and/or with a Youtube video address.

Written work and music can be delivered to the Broome County Arts Council from May 14 to May 23. Visual art may be delivered from May 21 to May 25.

All contributing artists, teachers, friends and family are invited to the Opening Reception celebrating Exterminator’s birthday, on First Friday, June 1, 2018 from 6-9 PM at the Broome County Arts Council Gallery

Work will be displayed during the month of June in the art council’s gallery.

2-D visual art should be ready to hang: framed work with hanging wire, unframed work matted.

Sculpture that requires a podium…artist must provide podium.

Literary written work should be clearly typed or written on appropriately sized paper and bound together if needed.

Musical work should be recorded on a clearly labeled CD. Request may be made for live performance.

For further information on Exterminator, read:

Old Bones, the Wonder Horse Kentucky Derby Champion by Mildred Mastin Pace.  A well-written story for young readers.

Exterminator by Eva Jolene Boyd   Part of a series of books on great race horses

Here Comes Exterminator by Eliza McGraw  The most recent book on Exterminator. A well-written, detailed history of horse racing in the early 20th Century and of Exterminator’s esteemed place in that history.  Excellent for Book Clubs.

For more information, email BCAC or phone 607-723-4620.

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