Anna Patton and Andrew VanNorstrand – House Concert

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Anna Patton and Andrew VanNorstrand

House Concert

Anna Patton and Andrew VanNorstrand will present a house concert at The Canaan Institute beginning on Sat Apr 28th at 7:00 pm followed by a jam session. $20 donation at the door. RSVP to for directions and to reserve your seats. Online reservations General info

You may know know Andrew from previous shows at The Canaan Institute, also Great Bear Groove and etc. You might know Anna from the band Elixir. Together they are awesome!



Anna Patton – Clarinetist, Composer, Teacher

Anna Patton plays clarinet with great verve, clarity, and harmonic whim, drawing on a richly eclectic musical background of jazz, classical, traditional, and world music. Based in Brattleboro, VT, she performs full time for dances and concerts, composes and arranges music, and teaches ear training and swing harmony singing.

Anna’s current projects include playing dance music with bands such as Elixir and The Figments, string-band and vocal swing with Housetop, Brazilian and gypsy jazz gigs with The Will Patton Ensemble, and improvisatory Balkan/ African/ South American influenced originals with the As Yet Quintet. Her solo album, Isadore’s Breakfast – featuring her work on clarinet and vocals along with many of Vermont’s finest musicians – is a mix of French-influenced swing and fiddle tunes.

Andrew VanNorstrand

Andrew VanNorstrand is an accomplished singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from upstate New York. As a member of the Great Bear Trio, Giant Robot Dance and the Andrew & Noah Band he has toured extensively all over North America and has been a featured performer and instructor at many well-known festivals and music camps. His repertoire incorporates a wide range of musical genres and he loves exploring the connections between music and dance.

One of Western New York’s leading traditional musicians, Andrew VanNorstrand has been playing beautiful music since he was a lad. With his brother, Noah, and their mother, Kimberley Yerton, they have delighted dancers as the Great Bear Trio, recently grown into the 6 piece band, Great Bear. Fiddler, guitarist, producer, Andrew excels at whatever music he turns to.

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